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Episode 254 – Koala Summit

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Formally a radio show, now a weekly podcast

Episode 253 – Rat News

Sports, tennis, Serena Williams, the good old days, bingo, Barnaby Joyce on Sunday Night, mice problems, space race, cars, roads, politics, community TV, Karl, Sunrise,

Episode 251 – Fake Snow

Boring sports, exciting sports, politics, fake snow, Cameron Smith, tennis, phones, reef, trains, buses, government, Eurovision, tv, and many other things. Front Page

Episode 247 – Da Avicii Code

Avicii, Sports, Matildas, NRL, AFL, AIHL, people dying at 28, cheerleaders banned, banking royal commission, Greens, politicians, flu, heath, fires, Trump, 7:30, FBI, royal wedding,

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