The Wild West

Today on the show we cover everything from football to soccer to swimming to other things. Also TV news, Ultimate Warrior, and much more!

Song 1: Picture It All by Lorenzo’s Music
Song 2: Benediction by Mr. Bitterness and the Guilty Pleasures
Song 3: Unconscious Bliss by Sans Nom
Song 4: Basement by Las Kellies

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We pulled double duty this week! Last night we had our Friday Night Detox special!

And tonight we have another episode of Saturday Night Live. This time with music provided by the Free Music Archive. Mostly because we wanted to spice up the podcast version of the show. Also on the show we have all the latest sports results, television news in Australia, and a little bit in America. Also what is going on in the local area.

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It what has been said the battle of the century… well, not really. But the Sunrise crew, specifically Kochie, Samantha, and Nat did make a big deal about Khloe Kardashians’ people cutting the interview show. Enjoy!

And here is their reaction to the whole thing:

And then, here is Khloe’s Twitter reaction. It gets intense!

It looks like the Kardashians wont be on Sunrise anytime soon.


We had been missing Paul Henry since he left Australia. Thankfully during a recent Google search we found his new show on TV3 in NZ.

You may remember Paul Henry from the former Channel Ten Breakfast show.

Paul we love your new segment – Who Hates Me Today? We are always happy to help if you need some more content. However, we could pass up the opportunity to share your fistful apology.

Warning: Link contains Paul Henry, references to Pigs and Adult Themes – you want to click on it now.

Click here for his latest Who Hates Me Today? segment titled “A fistful apology?” Enough said.

With the sad death of Charlotte Dawson, we would like to take this time to mention that Lifeline is always there to help if you have any issues. We talked about the Charlotte Dawson death a little bit in the TV news segment and throughout the show (you can listen to it on the Podcast.) However, we can’t say it enough;

24/7 crisis support & suicide prevention services. You can call them on 13 11 14 or chat to them online from 8pm-4am (AEDT). Also the website: