Episode 388 – Legally Kim

This week on the program we covered Geoffrey Edelsten, Ben Roberts-Smith, Scott Morrison, G7 Summit, proof-of-jab certificate, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Donald Trump pants, COVID curfew, Mouse plague, Lilibet Diane, AFP, FBI, COVID vouchers, council elections, Kim Kardashian, The Bachelor, sports, NRL, AFL, Olympics, French Open, and more.

Episode 387 – Minns-imal Effort

This week we cover Chris Minns, children stuck in India, Scott Morrison, Anti-vaxters, Samoan election, airports, dinner at airports, hotels, Paramedics, Tradies, Speedway, Dog park, Christian Porter, Channel 9, Piers Morgan, Male Adele, Naomi Osaka, French Open, Israel Falou, Olympics, and more.

Episode 386 – Craig & Clive

Victoria lockdown, Biden calls for report on COVID origins, Belarus plain hijacking, Jodi McKay steps down, George Floyd anniversary, Boris Johnson, Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer, peeing in cups, Sorry Day, China Tonight, John Cena, ex-pats, dumb criminals, Eurovision drugs, French Open, and more.

Episode 385 – Mice Rights

India, BBC interview with Diana, Climate strike, Qantas wage freeze, Gaza-Israel, mouse plague, Karpin, speeding, crime, Jarrod Hayne, Joe Biden, democracy sausage, Lord Dyson, Eurovision songs, Royals, Domino Masters, Friends, Muppet Hecklers, Israel Falou and Clive Palmer, jetlag, AFL/NRL results, A-League, and more.

Episode 383 – Hayne Payne

India, Jarryd Hayne, COVID restrictions, NSW/NZ travel bubble on hold, Facebook upholds Trump’s ban, Stuart McGill kidnapping, Michael Slater vs. Scott Morrison, Bill Gates divorce, Australia’s first ever space commander, fake mask, shoplifters, and more.

Episode 381 – Milkshake

Australia at Climate Change summit, mass vaccination hub at Olympic Park, Milkshake video, George Floyd murder trial verdict, Sydney’s mysterious smell, Big bird costume, Young Talent Time, Byron Baes, Super League, NRL, AFL, and more.

Episode 380 – Confusion With Bins

This week on the program we talk vaccine rollout, cabinet reshuffle, flights, wills on radio, capitol hill, confusion with bins, Easter, 5G, Network Nine hacking, cup stacking, Olympics, April Fools, Kamahl, and more.

Episode 379 – Sexual Healing

Sexual assault crisis in parliament, GayTime, Eric Abetz, Mr Bondi, Brittany Higgins complaint, Floods, Hotel vouchers, Warragamba Dam management, COVID rules eased, Jay Leno, Apu, TV news, sports, Talk show audiences, Jarryd Hayne, Anthony Mundine and more.