Episode 81

Enjoy this show we prepared on Friday night. We cover all the latest in sports, ISIS, Pete’s Week, and the television news.

Episode 78

The Sydney Swans lost the 2014 AFL Grand Final, Koalas vs. Terrorism, Mad Mick Presents, and our 2MCR Artist of the Week.

Episode 77

Terrorism, At The Movies, Conan, and all the latest in TV, Pete’s Week, Sports, and our 2MCR Artist of the Week.

Episode 76

Turnbull/Abbott vs. Community TV, Foxtel vs. Free to Air, Mad Mick joins, and the latest in TV, sport and Pete’s Week.

Episode 75

It’s a mad, mad world with the death of Joan Rivers. We are joined by Mad Mick, Don Pedro, and Sir Frost. Also the latest

Episode 74

Today on the show we don’t participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Mad Mick joined us live in the studio. Also the latest in Sports,