This week we cover Chris Minns, children stuck in India, Scott Morrison, Anti-vaxters, Samoan election, airports, dinner at airports, hotels, Paramedics, Tradies, Speedway, Dog park, Christian Porter, Channel 9, Piers Morgan, Male Adele, Naomi Osaka, French Open, Israel Falou, Olympics, and more.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, Social distancing, local issues, Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson, airports, television, sports, table tennis, social distance dancing, NRL, AFL, Louis Theroux, Bill Gates, and more.

Mentioned on the show:
– Bill Gates’ TED talk from 2015:
– Louis and The Nazis:

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Hooters, Columbo, budgets, airports, internet tax, Struggle Street, backpackers, sports, tv, live fire drills, and much more!;