Sports, Pete’s Week, TV News, Mad Mick Presents, 2 and a half movie reviews, and also Lightning watch 2015.;

In this massive episode: Glen is back from holidays! We also talk about all the latest issues in the world, television, Chris Bath, mosques, and much more.; club 24

We spend our Mother’s Day eve talking about poverty, porn, politics – not in that order, television, sports, Pete’s week, idiots around the world, idiots in our government, requests and much more.;

Welcome to the longest episode we have ever recorded. You get the first 1 hour and 7 minutes of Saturday Night Live (Sports, TV news, House of Cards, Eurovision, and so much more), but then you get another whole hour of election talk featuring Mad Mick and the return of Clinton Mead. Don’t forget to tune in live for our State Election special next week.;